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6th Long Island Buddy Walk(R)

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Alexander's Angels 6th L.I. Buddy Walk®  
Sunday, October 14, 2012
at Tanner Park, Copiague

Total raised $74,727.00
A Total of $45,500 was distributed as follows: 
$10,000.00 each to DSRTF and RDS;
$7,600 each to ACDS, DSAF, and NDSS;
2 iPads ($1,200.00) to Gifts From the Heart for Downs;
$500 to DSCLI. 
Top Fundraising Teams 2012  
Francesca's Dreams
Miles for Maximus
Shane's Dreams**
Tatum's Tribe
Luke's Troop
Team Sal 
Gavin's Lucky Charms
Mikey's 5th Walk w/Family & Friends 
Sienna's Heart*
The Sky's The Limit
GOAL:  2,000 participants
Attendance: 1,800
With the participation of DJ Danny Walsh
Chris Burke accompanied by
John and Joe DeMasi

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Presentation6thBW/buddyWall4.jpg Presentation6thBW/buddywallfans.jpg Presentation6thBW/BuddyWallWeb1.jpg Presentation6thBW/Presentationpainting.jpg
Presentation6thBW/Mikepresentation.jpg Presentation6thBW/Estherpresenting.jpg Presentation6thBW/RemberingSiena_Shane.jpg Presentation6thBW/PaintingPresentation.jpg

This year's Buddy Walk was dedicated to the memory of our little friends
Sienna Rose and Shane
Always in our hearts!
A memorial garden was dedicated to their memory in the spring of 2013
Click here to go to the dedication page.


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webassets/ThreeMusketeers.jpg webassets/BillAndJuan.jpg webassets/amyatwalk.jpg webassets/walk4shane.jpg
webassets/lucky82012.jpg webassets/joes1.jpg webassets/pooch.jpg webassets/jules.jpg
webassets/ShaneMemory.jpg webassets/BuddiesForever2012.jpg webassets/w_grandma.jpg webassets/thetree_thetree.jpg
webassets/MaximusBannerWeb.jpg webassets/walk2012.jpg webassets/group1.jpg webassets/WalkersWeb.jpg
webassets/TBonesPoster.jpg webassets/MikeAndTommy.jpg webassets/UpsideDownWeb.jpg webassets/JustFinishedtheWalk1.jpg

6thBuddyWalk/creed.jpg 6thBuddyWalk/bannerWeb.jpg 6thBuddyWalk/crowdbyshore.jpg 6thBuddyWalk/BounciesWeb.jpg
6thBuddyWalk/atBouncy.jpg 6thBuddyWalk/NYIslanders1Web.jpg 6thBuddyWalk/IslandersTable.jpg 6thBuddyWalk/bunsWeb.jpg
6thBuddyWalk/SabrettWeb.jpg 6thBuddyWalk/BalloonBoothWeb.jpg 6thBuddyWalk/StarWarsCharactersWeb.jpg 6thBuddyWalk/StarWars2Web.jpg
6thBuddyWalk/SettlingDownWeb.jpg 6thBuddyWalk/CrowdWEB.jpg 6thBuddyWalk/FacePaintingWeb.jpg 6thBuddyWalk/FacePainting2.jpg


Sienna Rose Caballero
February 3, 2009 -  January 20, 2012
Team:  Sienna's Heart 

To view tribute to Sienna from her loving family click here

Shane Brennan,
December 2007 - June 12, 2012
Team: Shane's Dreams


To view tribute to Shane from his loving family click here

Donations in lieu of flowers in memory of Shane Brennan totaled $3,485. Click here to view list.

These donations partially covered the cost of DOWNrightART:  Abilities & Possibilities, A Celebration of World Down Syndrome Day
Alexander's Angels established DOWNrightART in 2008 to highlight abilities of individuals with Down syndrome.

Established by the National Down Syndrome Society in 1995 to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness month in October and to promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome, the Buddy Walk® has grown from 17 walks in 1995 to one in every state across the country and many abroad. The Buddy Walk® program is supported by NDSS. Alexander's Angels is the organizer of the Buddy Walk® in Long Island.